Introducing the first track from our upcoming album “Fade Into Blurred Lines,” set to be released on October 13th under our label F2M Planet. “Gorgo” delves into the idea of running forward, the intimate connection to the monstrous, and the dark days that paralyze us when we dare to confront them. With its symbolic lyrics, “Gorgo” portrays the crisis of meaning we’re navigating and the escape routes we craft to avoid it: introspection, viral and illusory comfort, and frozen certainties.

We had this “Crimsonesque” arpeggio in our arsenal and the image of a character frozen in front of their certainties. So, we combined the two concepts with the imagery of the mythological Gorgon. Gilles Estines’ visual art makes perfect sense alongside the lyrics, and the concept for the music video, featuring the sculpture by Loïc specially created for the occasion, followed suit.

*Beach images and direction by William Windrestin.

*Live images by Tom Marchand.

*Sculpture by Loïc Delage Hom’ort.

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