Today marks the release of “Fade Into Blurred Lines,” our 6th album, available here.


– Gorgo
– Up The Pressure
– Shimmering Blue
– Blackhole Your Heart
– Castaway
– Wax Doll
– Mute
– Windmills
– Travellers

The process began a little over a year and a half ago during the “Sisyphus” tour. 20 months of self-reflection and letting go resulted in 9 tracks that are among the most personal for the band. We’ve made bold choices and taken risks that we’re proud to stand by as a trio, with Gérald’s invaluable contributions to this album.

After 15 years, it’s fair to question whether to continue releasing records and performing them live, especially in today’s world that offers less and less space for independent and unformatted projects. But there’s nothing to lose by giving it our all, and that’s what we’ve done with this new, raw, and sincere album. For these reasons, we thank Pascal Power Mondaz and our Bebert (Bertrand Lavergne, sound engineer since 2008!!), as well as Simon Capony (Basalte studio) for their friendship, dedication, and expertise. Thanks also to Hervé (Improvetone studio) for his hospitality.

The rest is up to you, because the moment our album is released, it becomes yours. See you soon on the road to bring these new tracks to life, and in the meantime, go pick up the album at your local record store where it is now available. The cover art by Gilles Estines is magnificent!

Finally, we want to thank Fred and PH for everything we achieved together on Sisyphus. Best of luck to both of them.



  1. Hello Guys! I found you on YouTube with your KC Circus cover and was amazed by how you made that your own in so convincing a manner! I found Sisyphus at Amazon but was disappointed that they as well as nobody else in the USA seemed to carry any of your other great works! I eventually purchased your 2 previous discs from you and was both surprised and impressed by your personal touch in the handling and shipping of it as well as your hand written note! Thank you for that Julian and for proudly rocking the Thunderbird bass as I myself try to. Nothing else sounds like it! I will be getting the new album as well very soon but I saw your comments on which I basically AND SADLY fully agree with regarding your dim view of having much further success doing what you do so well in today’s musical climate. How tragic and unfortunate that such little value is placed on such a fine art. Especially in my country. I feel I must apologize to you for what seems to be a completely apathetic and uncaring attitude to anything other than the commercial mainstream by the majority of the deaf ears that inhabit this land. You are worth far more than you will ever be recognized or rewarded for. I hope it doesn’t sour or discourage you. I have tried to spread the word. But again…sadly all of my friends seem to be owners of deaf ears. Maybe it comes down to their age. I am 67 but I am not and never will be one of those who claim that there has not been any good music recorded since the 70s. Because it is out there!! More than ever before. People just need to care enough and take the time to search for it! Again, my thanks and great appreciation for all of your efforts and hard work! Kent in Ft. Collins, Colorado

  2. Hi Kent, thank you so much for your kind words, don’t worry it does not sound discouraging at all, we live and work the music to get that kind of feedback. Your order is on its way, hope you’ll get it soon and enjoy the records, please keep us in touch if ever you don’t get the package. Best Regards. Julien & Jeremy.

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